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Discover my tips on building your own Vertical Garden.

If you’re looking for an expert on gardening, or a Guru on vertical gardening, then I’m NOT the right person.

I thought that if I was able to build an affordable Vertical Garden, everyone would be able to do the same.

After sharing my vertical gardening tips, I was overwhelmed with the awesome responses of people that started to build their own green wall.

Therefore I started this websites, which is entirely dedicated to building your own green wall.

People have their own reasons why they build vertical gardens: some construct one as a piece of art, a green wall that represents a company’s green image, or simply because they are beautiful!

“I Felt The Need For Green”

I grew up in a small town in France that is surrounded by a large forest. I spent my youth playing in my family’s large garden. Both my parents were hobby gardeners and spent a lot of time in our garden. Besides a lot of grass, you could enjoy many beautiful plants and apple trees.

When I was young I spent most of my time playing on the grass with friends. In the weekends I would go for long walks with our dog in the forest to spot deers and enjoy all the green around me.

After my studies I found a job abroad and I moved from my nice green town in France to China. I first didn’t realize that I moved to a city that, besides a few parks, isn’t green at all. In fact, Shanghai is one of the most ‘concrete’ cities in the world!

Suddenly I felt the need of having as many plants at home as possible.

So here my motivation to have as many plants at my home as possible. There was only one problem…

in Shanghai over 20 million people are living on a relatively small space. Therefore I don’t have a garden, and only little space in my apartment.

“I Have No Garden…And A Fairly Small Apartment

I wouldn’t say building a vertical garden was my only solution, but seen the limited space in my home, I believe it was the best thing for me to do!

In fact I was already interested in vertical gardening for quite some time, and I had collected some knowledge to build a vertical garden. Moving to Shanghai, and missing green around me, just helped me to realize it.

Before in Paris I discovered a beautiful inside vertical garden in a hotel. I went there several times to see how they built that inside green wall. Out of curiosity I contacted the company that built the green wall. They were happy to help, but even for a small green wall this company would charge me USD 3200!

Of course I didn’t hire this company, because I didn’t have that much money to spend on my Vertical Garden.

“I Wanted My Vertical Garden To Be Affordable”

After this experience I decided: I don’t need any help from a company. I will build my own Vertical Garden. The plants are quite cheap, so why not build my own affordable vertical garden?

I studied wall structures, watering systems and plants. All this to be able to build my own wall as simple and affordable as possible.

Of course I had a close look at several projects of Patrick Blanc, which I had already visited before in Paris.

The scale of Blanc’s projects is impressive, and his projects are great for gaining ideas about which plants to use. However don’t let the scale of his projects impress you too much: building your own vertical garden can be easy, anyone could do it.

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