Fall and Winter Vertical Gardening

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Indoor gardeners do you know which vegetables grow well in container gardens during the winter months?
There are a variety of of Cole Crops, Root Crops, Alums, Greens and Legumes that grown well in colder weather.
This guide is based on sowing your own seeds to grown fresh produce and/or transplanting some types of vegetables to larger vertical gardening containers when planting outdoors.
Living in Ohio, our staff is studying other types of produce that will grow in your home container garden during the winter months. (Our lucky friends in the South need not be as concerned when they start their vertical gardens due to their wonderful weather and sunshine).
Our studies will include produce that has been sowed/planted in the late summer outside, produce that is sowed in late autumn and early winter inside and vegetables that have been started in the dead of winter. Who said that indoor gardening couldn’t be done in the in the winter months of the Northern States. Follow along and share with us your photo’s of your vertical gardening experience, recommendations for vertical gardening and any additional products you would find useful. We would love to add them to our Customer Photo’s and Reviews!!
Vertical gardening, up we grow!!

Sowing Range Date

 May  June  July  Aug Sept Oct
Freeze out Temp
Winter-Spring 5-10 F
All Winter 5-20 F
Broccoli-Autumn Harvest  TP Spring-Summer Before severe frost
Brussels Sprouts-Winter Harvest


Winter After severe frost
Cabbage- Autumn-Winter Harvest


P Autumn-Winter Before heavy frost
Cabbage-Winter Harvest  TP Winter Before heavy frost
Carrots Winter-Spring 5 F
Chicory  TP
Winter After heavy frost
Chinese Cabbage  TP Late Fall 20 F
Collards  TP Winter-Spring 5-10 F


P Winter-Spring 5-10 F


P Winter-Spring 5-10 F
Leeks-Winter Harvest  TP Winter-Spring 5 F
Fall-Winter 5-10 F
Mustard Greens
Winter 5 F
Onions-Bunching  TP Winter-Spring 5-10 F
Parsley Root
Winter 0 F
Parsnips Winter 5 F
Peas-Autumn Fall 15 F
Radiochio Fall-Winter 15-20 F
Winter-Spring 15-20 F
Rutabagas Winter-Spring 20 F
Fall-Winter 5-10 F
Swiss Chard
Fall-Winter 5 F
Turnips Winter-Spring 20 F

With our vertical gardening system you can grow your favorite vegetables all year round.
The chart above displays the typical times to sow or transplant seedlings when using our vertical gardening system outdoors on your patio or balcony. Our vertical gardening system is easy to assemble, fits through a standard doorway and can be moved inside when temperatures begin to get colder.

 Seeds are normally this time of year outside.
 Transplanting: Normal time seedings are transplanted to a larger container
 Indicates vegetables that can remain outdoors longer when covered

Follow us on Vertical Gardening for Northern States to view the progress of how our non traditional winter vegetables are growing.

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