Green Wall Guide

This is how you build a vertical garden yourself…

“Discover My Tips, Materials And Plants
To Build Your Own Vertical Garden…
No Technical Knowledge Required With
This Step-By-Step Guide!”.

Dear Reader,

Do you know this sensation when you walk on the grass with your bare feet? I love it, and I hope you’re one of those people who enjoys such small pleasures in life.

Let me tell you why such things matter to me…

Last year I moved from a nice green town in France to the largest metropolitan city in China: Shanghai. When I moved here, I first didn’t realize that I was moving to one of the most “concrete cities” in the world.

“I Live In One Of The ‘Most Concrete’ Cities In The World”

Besides the pollution and smog, the city is grey and concrete is everywhere. One thing I came to realize quickly is that I never thought I would miss nature so much. The first weeks I was walking around in the city, and was amazed how all these millions of people could live together, without having much green around them.

There are few trees in my city and only a couple of parks. There is definitely not enough green to compensate for all the concrete here!

Every day I walk through the busy traffic to my job, and often feel sad because of the grey, concrete streets and the lack of green. Now I don’t want to sound too serious! There’s a solution for nearly anything..

Once a week, on my way back home, I stop at a small flower shop to buy new plants and flower for my home. One thing I’ve known for a long time: flowers and plants always cheer me up!

“I Have No Garden And A Fairly Small Apartment”

Like most people in big cities, I have no garden to grow my plants. Also my apartment is fairly small. Due to the limited space, a vertical garden really seemed the best solution to me.

I started studying about every aspect of vertical gardening.

Summer last year I visited my home city Paris, and discovered a beautiful inside vertical garden in a hotel. I went there several times to see how they built that inside green wall. Out of curiosity I contacted the company that built the green wall. They were happy to help, but even for a small green wall this company would charge me EUR 3200!
(You know how many plants I can buy for that money in Shanghai!? A truckload!)

Of course I didn’t hire this company, because I believe that asking so much money for a vertical garden is unreasonable and it didn’t fit in my budget.

“I Wanted My Vertical Garden To Be Affordable”

After this experience I decided: I don’t need any help from a company. I will build my own Vertical Garden. The plants are quite cheap, so I was confident that I could build my own vertical garden with affordable materials.

I studied different type of wall structures, watering systems and plants. All this to be able

to build my own green wall as simple and affordable as possible.

Looking for reference projects, of course the name Patrick Blanc came up. The scale of Patrick Blanc’s projects is impressive, and his projects are great for gaining ideas about which plants to use. However don’t let the scale and complexity of his projects discourage you: mr. Blanc is an artist. Building your own vertical garden can be easy, and I believe anyone can do it.

“Building Your Own Vertical Garden Can Be Easy,
Anyone Can Do It”

By reading my e-book, now also you can learn about the different wall structuresplants, and a selection of best and most affordable materials. You will be able to build a working vertical garden in your home.

My e-book will help you to prevent the mistakes that I’ve made (quite a few!) when building my first vertical gardens.

When I just started growing plants on my first vertical garden, I thought I could grow any type of plant. After few weeks, I was disappointed to see that certain plants simply didn’t grow well and died.

As I’m not a professional gardener (I’m a designer), I started talks with several gardeners about the right plants to grow. This is how I selected the plants that grow best vertically. Every plant that I recommend I’ve tested on my own vertical gardens.

“Discover My Selection Of Plants That Grow Best Vertically”

Before you start placing the plants in the wall, there are other things to prepare:

One of the key elements in your vertical garden will be the automatic watering system. I built several vertical gardens and they all use such an automatic watering system.

My automatic watering system pleases me a lot, and this has two reasons:

Before I sometimes forgot to water my plants at home. With the automatic watering system, this has never happened to me anymore! (great for lazy people like me). Secondly with the watering system that I built, I travel quite a lot and now I never ever have to worry about my plants!