Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Protection personal details

We take the privacy of personal data very serious. Your personal details will only be used for sending the magazine, newsletter and desired relevant information. Also your personal data can be the basis for research for further optimization of our services. In this case the personal details will be anonymous and not to be traced to the individual person.

Respect for privacy is considered a prerequisite for a dignified existence and one of the foundations of our legal system. Everyone is entitled to protection against the uncontrolled collection, processing and dissemination of personal data.

We agree with the above assertion of the Data Protection Authority, responsible for independent enforcement of the Data Protection Act.

In The Data Protection Act it is stated that personal data will only be used for specified purposes. We use the personal information that you provide for the following purposes:

  • for the preparation and implementation of agreements between you and us (such as subscriptions and samples);
  • in order to inform you about relevant products and services, including communication within the context of loyalty programs (eg newsletters);
  • product development and getting information to optimize our services (such as changes to our website);
  • to prevent, control and handling of fraud.

We select our partners with great care. Any collaboration will always be accompanied with great concern for privacy. Unfortunately we can not accept any liability or limited responsibility for the way these parties and / or institutions are anonymously processing personal data. For further information contact the relevant party or institution.

If we process personal data in order to inform you about our products and services, you can at any time charge appeal for free. After we will  immediately terminate processing. Your requests and resistance should be sent to: emeline [ad]

The content of this page can change without any notice. You should therefore review this information regularly, so you visit our website using the latest privacy rules.