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Time To Be Green!


The idea of being green is something which sounds like it needs a trip to the bathroom or to the doctor. No matter what you might think of this new fad, the idea of living in a more environmentally way is something which is everywhere. From green water bottles to eco-friendly coffee stirrers, it’s hard to tell whether eco-trends are actually trying to help the Earth or the economy. Or both. When it comes to being green, there are many who are struggling to get the message out, others who are simply not ‘getting’ what free means and there are still others who just simply don’t care. After all, if other people are green, it will make up for their not-so-green ways. Right?

Science is proving again and again that the Earth is changing as a result of the humans living on it. And if the Earth has its way, it will kick us all out if we don’t start taking care of it. It’s a dangerous position to be in since there are two very clear-cut (ha!) sides to the discussion. One of the groups believes that the Earth’s resources are here for the taking, while others want to preserve all of the resources possible. Somewhere in the middle, the green movement is emerging, or at least trying to.

Choosing New Ways of Living

Let’s face it – we don’t like change. No matter how much we say that we do, we really don’t want to change anything about our lives until there’s nothing else that we can do. Once the worth begins to cave in on itself and the oil reserves dry up, then we might start thinking that the green living movement has merit. And for some people, that’s when we should begin to change our living habits. But the changes we choose to make today can begin to help us in more ways than we can even imagine. The more we can do to live in a green way today, the more we can expect from the Earth in the future. We can protect it, nourish it, and sustain it. (Yes, how hippie to say.)

Green Life Sciences Symposium | Happening @ Michigan

Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Read

Oh, but advertisers have caught wind of this environmentally friendly movement and they have begun to sell products with all of the right labels:

  • Green
  • Eco-friendly
  • Recycled
  • Organic
  • Natural

And the trick is that since the labeling organizations haven’t kept up with all of the products on the market, they haven’t created standards for these words on labels. So, that ‘organic’ thing that you’re buying might not be truly organic. But you buy it anyway, because the label sounds good. This sort of greenwashing is a major concern of those who are in the environmental movement because it’s just hurting the cause and its hurting the Earth.

No matter what you think of the changes which are taking place in the environment, the information is something you should read. The environmental watchdog groups aren’t all whack jobs and they do have some good green advice anyone can follow. Even you.

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