Vertical Garden With or Without Filter?

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As you know I built a green wall with a watering system that works by itself.

I have to say it’s working very well and it suits a lazy person like me a lot! :)

However I found out that my vertical garden does need some maintenance once in a while..

Today I found out that one of the drippers got stuck and that no water was flowing through it. Therefore one plant didn’t get the water that it needs. This plant looked already weak for a couple of days, now I know why!

A filter in your watering system will help you in the first place to keep the water clean that is flowing through the dripping system.

However it can still happen that some dirt will get into your drippers, resulting that part of your green wall is not receiving enough water.

My tip: Make sure that you can access the drippers, so you can clean them if necessary.

My noisy green wall waterpump

Today I went to a shop to buy an new water pump for my vertical garden.

I was excited to learn that the shops was selling a water pump with the right dimensions for my green wall. So I immediately bought it and went home to connect it to my watering system.

However when I came home I found out that this water pump is not suitable for my green wall..

Even though the pump was relatively small in size, it much a lot of noise!

First I thought that I would get used to the noise. But after a few days I got really annoyed by the disturbing sound. Therefore I decided to bring the pump back..

My tip for picking the right water pump:

When you buy the water pump for your vertical garden, always ask if you can see the model in working mode. When you install the vertical garden in your living room, it’s important to have a pump that produces little noise. Even though the pump is under water, some pumps make quite some noise which obviously you don’t want in your home!


Bette L.

Hi, I am Bette L. If you’re looking for an expert on gardening, or a Guru on vertical gardening, then I’m NOT the right person.I thought that if I was able to build an affordable Vertical Garden, everyone would be able to do the same.

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