Vertical Gardening in Northern States

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Which plants grow well in the winter months?
With the use of the vertical gardening system, our staff is exploring which traditional summer vegetables can be used in an indoor container gardenduring the winter months.
This is our non-traditional late summer / early fall l vertical garden vegetables.
Each of these will need a vertical growing stand to climb upward.
(We have started a variety of these climbing plants in containers for harvest during the winter months)

Climbing Plants:
 Squash (Acorn or Butternut)
 Green Beans
 Lima Beans

These do not need a support frame, but can be included in any vertical garden by placing them in pots or boxes and hanging them on the vertical growing stand.

Non-Climbing Plants:
 Potato (Regular or Sweet Potato in a container)

Vegetables in this displayed in this container garden were planted in early August.

 Green Beans
Snap Peas

Traditional vegetables sown/planted in early August

 Brussel Sprouts

Traditional vegetables sown/planted in late August


Due to the design of our vertical gardens moving your vertical garden stand is very easy as it will fit through a standard doorway without being disassembled. Simply remove your vertical gardening planter boxes and bring your produce inside for the winter. (This step might not be necessary, depending on the section of the country you live in). Place your vertical garden in a window facing the South, where your vegetables will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight. (A grow light can be utilized to ensure sufficient light). Water and wait. (we offer a protective floor pan to prevent water damage to your flooring surfaces). Soon you will be enjoying fresh vegetables during the heart of winter.
Winter Update
With 2014 being one of the coldest winters on record in Ohio with windchills of -25 degrees at the first of January, our test vertical garden has survived. The porch where our vertical garden is located is not heated by our central heating system. A small portable space heater keeps the area around 60 degrees. Our windows have UV protection and we found that a grow light was necessary to supplement the cloudy days we have here in Ohio.
We have found that Green Beans, Zucchini and Cucumbers have done well being planted from seed.

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