Watering System For Vertical Gardens

Watering System For Vertical Gardens

I’m lucky to live together with a man that waters the plants in our home once in a while.. As I’m a little lazy myself to water my plants every day (I sometimes forget!), I really wanted to make an automatic watering system, so the watering of the plants would go by itself.

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Water Pump in water basin

An automatic water system is also very useful when I go on a trip, so I don’t need to ask my neighbors to water the plants. The watering system of my green wall consists of several parts, including the tubes, drippers, timer and water pump. I simply program the timer, so the water pump starts pumping water around three times a day. The only thing to do is add enough water to the water basin. Quite convenient isn’t it?

Green wall problem: overwatering my plants

First I didn’t understand why this happened, as my watering system is functioning very well and the plants receive plenty of water.

After talking with a gardener friend I realized the problem: my Ivy plant received too much water, and the roots started to rot.

Ivies don’t need a large amount of water. When you plant Ivies in the ground, watering them once or twice a week is already sufficient. Handling Ivies for your vertical garden is a bit different from planting them in your garden:

Tip: I would advice to plant Ivies at the top of your green wall where these get less water than at the bottom. Do not over water ivies or the roots will start to rot and the plant will die.

Available Watering Systems For Vertical Gardens:

Automatic models or hand made systems

Bette L.

Hi, I am Bette L. If you’re looking for an expert on gardening, or a Guru on vertical gardening, then I’m NOT the right person.I thought that if I was able to build an affordable Vertical Garden, everyone would be able to do the same.

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